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R.O.L.E Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in the coastal community of Nusa Dua on Bali’s Bukit Peninsula.  The foundation was created to stop waste getting into the oceans, and to help provide sustainable jobs for people in coastal communities.  Founded in 2007, R.O.L.E. Foundation provides education and skills training to alleviate poverty and support environmental sustainability.

There is a dire need for such work in Bali and throughout the Indonesian Archipelago.  With a dense population and non-existent or struggling waste management systems, much of the country’s waste is burned or dumped.  As much as 50% of the estimated 64 million tonnes of rubbish produced in Indonesia every year is thought to be dumped - often illegally as the number of legal landfills on the island is few and transporting waste is expensive.


R.O.L.E Foundation seeks to:

+Encourage local governments to incorporate the “Zero Waste to Ocean” waste management system
+Inspire onsite recycling or up-cycling
+Educate and enable children and communities to become Zero Waste
+Promote sustainable, eco friendly businesses such as organic cotton and natural dye weaving, soap recycling and permaculture
+Provide skills training to empower women


Since they were founded in 2007 they have:

+Built 2 environmental education centres that have reached over 6,000 children
+Given learning and business opportunities to over 1000 women
+Trained 31 local environmental ambassadors
+Ran permaculture training programs in prisons
+Held multiple beach and ocean cleanups
+Implemented waste management systems in coastal villages


10 cents from every bikini our manufacturer makes goes towards supporting R.O.L.E Foundation.  We are so pleased to have found a team whose values align with ours who contribute a portion of their own profits to help stabilise and sustain our environment and at-risk communities.


You can read more about R.O.L.E Foundation HERE.

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